Podcasts are one of the fastest growing advertising outlets on the internet today.  Pop ups annoy users.  Banner ads get ignored.

More than 25% of all Americans now listens to podcasts and we've past the point of no return -- it's no longer a fringe media.  It's not just the early adopters that are participating anymore.  As more media gravitates online, the lines between traditional information purveyors (the networks, CNN-types, newspapers, magazines) and the new-school entertainers that are posting video and podcasts, are beginning to become increasingly blurred.

Advertising with a podcast allows companies to reach a very specific potential client that has opted in.  Listeners choose a particular podcast because the content speaks to them.  Nobody has podcasts surreptitiously loaded onto their iPhone without their knowledge, and you won't catch a snippet of the "XX" cast in your car on your way to work.  You can be sure that listeners are tuning in on purpose, and that is a very attentive and responsive audience.

"Overall, our [podcast] clients are seeing an ROI that is seven to ten times greater than what they see in print, TV and radio,” said RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane, "It baffles me why companies are so slow to get into this market.”

This is echoed by research performed my Podtrac, TNS and eMarketer that found:

"Unaided awareness for podcast ads was 68%, compared with 21% for streaming video and 10% for television."

Who do we reach?

Endurance sport is a broad category.  It entails everything from runners doing 10Ks and marathons, mountain bikers shredding single-track, to short and full iron distance triathletes.

One thing that pervades all the different endurance sport  venues is the athlete's willingness to invest money in the sports they're passionate about.

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